Signage and Visibility Solutions

We are focused on providing end-to-end signage and visibility solutions across Pakistan including development, production, installation and maintenance. The signage and retail visibility industry has rapidly evolved over the past few decades. As an industry leader, LS has remained a step ahead of this evolution through continuous investment in technology, infrastructure and trained human resource.

We are proud that for complex and challenging projects, our clients trust us to do the job for them. Over the years we have, built a solid track record of executing a number of prestigious projects applying our innovation and expertise.

A holistic approach and deep understanding of areas like architecture, design, construction, materials, manufacturing, marketing and branding as well as graphic design helps us bring these projects to life as per the high quality and execution standards of our clients.

Our range of signage products includes:

LS also has the capability and infrastructure to plan and execute projects on a national level for diverse industries like Petroleum, Banking, Telecom, FMCG , Retail and others in the following areas:


Over and above the planning and execution of signage and visibility solutions, we also provide specialized consulting services to our corporate clients on their strategic projects.

These include:

Planning of Mega Projects

Help our clients plan for major nationwide branding projects, transforming their branding into signage and other visibility media which not only creates the necessary impact but also takes into account all the practical considerations.

Materials Management

With our decades of experience working with materials, we have the necessary expertise to recommend as to which materials are best suited for different type of signs and other visibility structures, how would the colors come out in the ambient light and the type of lighting to be used for maximum night time impact.

Prototype Development

With a fully equipped manufacturing plant facility, we are able to make molds and dies to develop your first prototypes to help you to finalize your designs.

Materials Import and Distribution

Based upon its understanding of different signage and visibility materials and deep knowledge of the Pakistan market, LS also holds import and distribution arrangements for a number of leading global brands of materials from Europe, US and Far East.