Our Team & Partners

Our Team

Our passionate and skilled team is our biggest asset. Our team works tirelessly to successfully plan and

execute all our projects to our clients’ satisfaction through its commitment, functional expertise and customer focus.

The team is provided support by the management team in line with Lotia Sons’ commitment to excellence in all its initiatives.

Our Partners


LS has a long association with 3M. We are proud to be their Silver Select Partner.

BWF is a German company, with its production facility based in Wuxi, China and provides customized plastic components for signage and lighting projects. BWF is a trusted partner of LS for the Pakistan market.

iBond- Pivot is a trusted provider of premium quality Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), iBond, preferred by clients worldwide. LS has a long association with iBond-Pivot.

Sloan LED is a global leader in LED technology and LS is a proud partner of Sloan LED for Pakistan.